Presentations from the BELISSIMA conference (Part I: oral presentations)

IT: invited talk


S. Samurović (AOB): The Belissima project

A.N. Ramaprakash (Inter-University Centre for Astronomy & Astrophysics, India): Can small beat the big? (IT)

M. Weber (Leibniz-Institut fur Astrophysik Potsdam, AIP, Germany):  The STELLA robotic observatory on Tenerife

L. Leedjärv (Tartu Observatory, Estonia):  Small is beautiful - experience and plans of the Tartu Observatory

V. Perdelwitz (Hamburger Sternwarte, Universitaet Hamburg, Germany): Astronomical Fourier Transform Spectroscopy at the Hamburg Observatory

M. Bogosavljević (AOB): Vidojevica status report 2012

F. Grundahl (Aarhus University, Denmark): SONG is starting to sing (IT)

I. Vince (AOB): An Echelle Spectrograph for the Milanković Telescope

G. Szabo (MTA Konkoly Observatory, Hungary): Follow-up lucky imaging observations of Kepler targets

T. Bonev (Institute of Astronomy and NAO - Bulg. Acad. Sci, Bulgaria): New modes of observation at the 2-m telescope of Rozhen observatory: parameters of the instruments and first results (IT)

P. Pravec (Astronomical Institute AS CR, Ondrejov, Czech Republic):  Asteroid properties from photometric observations: Constraining non-gravitational processes in asteroids (IT)

T. Pribulla (Astronomical Institute of Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia): Eclipsing binaries - precise clocks to discover exoplanets

O. Vince (AOB): The DWARF project: Vidojevica

A. Milani (Department of Mathematics, University of Pisa, Italy):    Surveys with innovative one-meter telescopes: asteroids,debris... (IT)

A. Zakharov (Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics,  Russia):    Exoplanet searches with gravitational microlensing

L. Eyer (Geneva Observatory, Switzerland) :    GAIA follow-up (via Skype)

L. Kiss  (Konkoly Observatory, Hungary)    Affordable Doppler velocities to 50 m/s with sub-meter telescopes (IT)

R. Pavlović (AOB)    From the first CCD measurements of double stars at Vidojevica towards speckleinterferometry

D. Urošević (Dept. of Astronomy, Faculty of Mathematics, Univ. of Belgrade):   Optical detection of the emission nebulae in nearby galaxies

T. Petrushevska (Stockholm University/Oscar Klein Centre, Sweden):    Search for lensed supernovae by massive galaxy clusters with the 2.5 m Nordic Optical Telescope

P. Heinzel (Astronomical Institute, Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic):    Observations and modeling of stellar flares (IT)

T. Brown (LCOGT, USA):    LCOGT: A World-wide Network of Robotic Telescopes (IT)

D. Denisenko (SAI MSU, Russia):    Results and Perspectives of the MASTER Robotic Telescopes Network -- movie -- additional information

Z. Ioannou (SQU, Oman):    The 2012 AE Aqr Multiwavelegth Campaign

G. Djorgovski  (Caltech, USA):   Exploration of the Time Domain (IT)

N. Giakoumidis (New York University at Abu Dhabi, UAE):    Simulating a Global Robotic Telescope Network

O. Atanacković (Dept. of Astronomy, Faculty of Mathematics, Univ. of Belgrade):    Astronomy education and popularization in Serbia (IT)

P. Battinelli  (INAF-OAR, Italy):   Asymptotic Giant Branch stars (IT)

D. Ilić  (Dept. of Astronomy, Faculty of Mathematics, Univ. of Belgrade):    Long term optical monitoring of AGN

E. Bon  (AOB):   First Spectroscopically resolved orbit of a supermassive black hole binary

O. Latković   (AOB):  Modeling of Interacting Binary Systems

J. Kubat   (Astronomical Institute AS CR, Ondrejov, Czech Republic):  Mass-loss rates of hot stars (IT)

G. Djorgovski  (Caltech, USA):  Concluding remarks

The poster presentations will be posted separately.

The participants of the international BELISSIMA conference (19/09/2012). Photo:  Miodrag Dačić

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