BELISSIMA TV Programme (Part II)

The second episode of the BELISSIMA TV programme is available here (in Serbian).




The Ministry of Foreign and Internal Trade and Telecommunications and Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development in collaboration of the ACCESS program of the German GIZ organization organized the Workshop   "International programs of collaboration: Successful implementation of FP7 projects" from October 31 to November 1, 2012 at the Club of Deputies (Klub poslanika) in Belgrade. The program is available here and the presentations are available here (in Serbian).

The BELISSIMA project was one of two "Case Studies" and it was presented by its coordinator, Dr. Srdjan Samurović.



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Within the scope of the Work Package 1 (WP1: “Preparations and reinforcement of AOB”) of the BELISSIMA project M.Sc. Milica Mićić was hired at AOB on November 1st, 2012. She has graduated from the Department of Mathematics at the University of Belgrade in June 2008 as the best student in generation, and later in December also gained the masters degree. At the time of arrival to AOB, she is finishing her PhD at the Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics at the University of Heidelberg (Germany). During undergraduate studies she has obtained the knowledge and research experience through various scientific projects and internships at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore (USA), Dark Cosmology Centre in Copenhagen (Denmark) and Kapteyn Astronomical Institute in Groningen (The Netherlands).

M.Sc. Milica Mićić is an expert in numerical astrophysical simulations in the field of massive star and molecular cloud formation, focusing on the influence of chemical processes on the gas dynamics. M.Sc. Mićić is also an expert in astronomical data processing and visualization of astronomical data. Her work represents a fairly new field for Serbian astronomy and it requires further development of big computing systems. As such, her work will be invaluable both to the BELISSIMA project and AOB.


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BELISSIMA: Success Story


Recently, the story about the BELISSIMA project was published at the European Commission site. The text can be read here.


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