Three collaborators of AOB and participants of the BELISSIMA project,  Dr Zorica Cvetković, Dr Rade Pavlović i Dr Oliver Vince visited from February 24th to 26th 2011 the Observatory Piszkesteto in the mountain Matra.  Their goal was to get acquainted with Andor iXon + 888 back-illuminated EMCCD camera.


Among the planned equipment at AOB there is also a purchase of the speckle interferometer  which will be mounted on the new "Milanković" telescope. This instrument will be used for the observations of visually binary stars with close components (the separation is less than 1 arcsec). The speckle interferometry is an observational technique of high angular resolution which is used to resolve close components of binary stars and is used for the determination of their relative coordinates. The speckle interferometer is made of several components, and the main part is a fast CCD camera  which may make shots in small time intervals (order of several milliseconds).


The visit was organized by Dr Tibor Hegedus, from Baja Astronomical Observatory and on this occasion, 5000 shots of one binary star were made in several minutes.


The results of this visit were presented at the Journal Club held at AOB on March, 13th 2011.


Left to right: Dr. Oliver Vince, Dr. Zorica Cvetković and Dr. Rade Pavlović at the Observatory Piszkesteto.


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Vuk Karadžić Foundation from Belgrade published the Serbian illustrated almanac "Danica" for the year 2011. This is the 18th year of the new series of this publication: the original "Danica" ("The Day Star") was initiated by Serbian linguist and major reformer of the Serbian language Vuk Karadžić in Vienna in 1825.  This almanac is widely distributed in Serbia (among others, all school libraries receive a copy of it) and abroad. Among other contributions, in the section "Astronomy" an article "Telescope 'Milanković`" by the coordinator of the BELISSIMA project, Dr. Srdjan Samurović was published. In this contribution the activities of the project with the emphasis on the construction of the telescope "Milanković" are described.

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The collaborators of the project BELISSIMA have recently participated in the scientific radio programme "Solaris" hosted by Srdja Janković and broadcast by Radio Belgrade 2:

1) Dr. Zorica Cvetković participated in the broadcast of October 19th,  2010. She presented the work done on the research of the visually binary stars and the plans for the purchase of the new equipment for the observations of these objects. She has also discussed the importance of these observational activities for the project BELISSIMA.

2) Dr. Gojko Đurašević   participated in the broadcast of October 26th, 2010.  He presented the research of the close binary stellar systems and the plans  the purchase of the new equipment for the observations of these objects. He has also addressed the importance of these observational activities for the project BELISSIMA.

3) Dr.  Srdjan Samurović participated in the broadcast of March 2nd, 2011. He presented the work of the BELISSIMA project done in all work packages and announced future activities related to the construction of the robotic telescope "Milanković".

4) Dr. Milan Ćirković participated in the broadcast of April 13th, 2011.  which was dedicated to the fiftieth anniversary of the first human journey into outer space.

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The BELISSIMA project has participated in the 4th Festival of Science held in Belgrade on 3, 4 and 5 December 2010. BELISSIMA presented an interactive exhibition dedicated to the problem of energy -- "Creation and destruction of energy" as well as a presentation about a bright meteor which exploded in the south of Serbia two weeks before the Festival. The trajectory of this meteor was studied by the collaborators of the BELISSIMA project.

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