The Second BELISSIMA Workshop: details

The Second BELISSIMA Workshop (6-7 June 2016) organized at Beli Kamen in the vicinity of the Vidojevica Observing Station was a success: 40 participants were informed about the performances of the new ``Milanković'' telescope and discussed the future projects. The visit to both telescopes, ``Milanković'' and the older 60-cm telescope was organized. Unfortunately, due to the poor weather conditions the planned remote observing session could not be performed and the first images were obtained on June the 7th. They testify of both the high quality of the ``Milanković'' telescope and the quality of seeing above Vidojevica (equal to 0.70 arcsec and comparable to that in Chile).

The Proceedings of the Workshop will be printed on the optical disk by the end of June 2016.

Please scroll down for the images.


AOB director, Dr. Gojko Đurašević opens the meeting (photo by Milan Stojanović)

The group photo of the participants of the Workshop in front of the main building at the Vidojevica Observing Station  (photo by Milan Stojanović)

The visit to the ``Milanković'' telescope (note that the roof of the pavilion was closed due to the falling rain) (photo by Milan Stojanović)


Galaxy M51  (Whirlpool Galaxy) (image taken with the "Milanković" telescope on 7 June 2016)


Planetary nebula M57  (The Ring Nebula) (image taken with the "Milanković" telescope on 7 June 2016)

Galaxy M64 (The Black Eye Galaxy) (image taken with the "Milanković" telescope on 7 June 2016)

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