Presentations from the BELISSIMA conference (Part II: posters)

J. Aleksić and Z. Tomić: Popularization of Astronomy through Robotic Telescopes and Virtual Observatories

N. Bogdanović, I. Smolić, Ivan Milić and M. Bogosavljević: MONECOM -- Physical Characteristics of Main Belt Comets

G. Damljanović and Ivana Milić: Possibilities of ICRF2 ERS Observations Using ASV 60cm Telescope

I. Di Varano, K. G. Strassmeier and Th. Granzer: Long Time Series Observations from Antarctica with ICE-T

M. Jovanović, M. Weber and C. Allende Prieto:  PARSES/FERRE Pipeline for Determining the Stellar Parameters

S. Kohl: Lucky Imaging at the Oskar-Luehning-Telescope in the Near Infrared Wavelength Range

P. Kostić: Analysis of Galactic Chemical Evolution Model Compatible with Measurements of Interstellar Deuterium Abundance

Ivan Milić, I. Smolić, N. Božić, A. Obuljen  and M. Bošković: Astronomy Department in Petnica Science Center

S. Milisavljević, D. Marčeta and S. Šegan: Proximity Calculation and Changing of Distance Function

A. Nina and V. Čadež: Peculiarities of Ionospheric Response to Solar Eruptive Events

S. Ninković: Astronomy Olympiads - A Challenge for Future Scientists

B. Šurlan, W.-R. Hamann, J. Kubat, L. M. Oskinova and A. Feldmeier: Modeling of Resonance Line in Inhomogeneous Hot Star Winds

S. Tomić, M. Kraus, M. Oksala and M. Smole: Detection of a 1.59 h Period in the B Supergiant Star HD 202850

V. Trajkovska: Astronomy in the Media in Serbia


Photo: Dr. Vladimir Čadež


Original news: 12/10/2012


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