The conference dedicated  to the work with one meter-class telescopes  “Observing techniques, instrumentation and science for metre-class telescopes II” was held in  Tatranská Lomnica in Slovakia from September 24th to 28th. Among the participants were four members of the staff of the Astronomical Observatory of Belgrade who presented the  “Milanković” telescope and the active observational projects at the Astronomical Station Vidojevica:  dr Ana Vudragović, dr Branislav Vukotić, dr Slađana Knežević i Petar Kostić. The contributions are available here.


Dr. Ana Vudragović during her presentation


Petar Kostić during his presentation


From left to right, Dr. Slađana Knežević and Dr. Ana Vudragović (standing), Dr. Branislav Vukotić and Petar Kostić (sitting)

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