FP7 Project Belissima at AOB

Project BELISSIMA (BELgrade Initiative for Space Science, Instrumentation and Modeling in Astrophysics) started on July 1st 2010 and will last for 3 years. It is financed by European Comission under the FP7 REGPOT call for proposals.

NOTE: The BELISSIMA project has been extended for two years: the duration of the project is 60 months which means that BELISSIMA will be concluded on June 30, 2015. Please see the news.

The project consists of 5 workpackages (WP1 to WP5) :

  • WP1 - Reinforcement of the Astronomical Observatory, Belgrade. Reinforcement of the scientific potential of AOB (and, therefore, Serbian astronomical and space sciences) through increase of both
    width and depth of its overall research activities, both observational and theoretical, as a consequence of "brain gain". This will be operational on several levels, in both theoretical and observational aspects of envisioned future research activity.
  • WP2 - Purchase, installation and testing of new observing equipement  (telescope"Milanković"). In the next three years, the Observatory will work on detailed technical specifications, international tender, purchase and installation of a new instrument with a 1.5m-class mirror, to be installed on Astronomical Station Vidojevica;
  • WP3 - Human potential, training and public outreach. Exchange of know-how and experience between EU research institutes and AOB. Training of AOB researchers in observational astronomy techniques and work towards establishing collaboration with other observatories in Europe and worldwide;
  • WP4 - Popularization of Astronomy and Science.

  • WP5 - Project Management